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Under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Help to Heat flexible eligibility, energy suppliers will be able to use the ‘flexible eligibility’ mechanism for up to 10% of their ECO Affordable Warmth obligation by installing energy saving measures in premises that have been declared eligible by local authorities.

Participating local authorities will have to ensure these are households in private tenure, and are living either in fuel poverty, or living on a low income and who are particularly vulnerable to the effects of living in the cold. In addition some non-fuel poor homes will be allowed for solid wall insulation projects, as long as a proportion of the households in the project are in fuel poverty or living in the cold.

This guidance is aimed at local authorities and provides templates for the local authorities’ statement of intent and declarations, as well as guidance on the targeting of households.

We are able to install the following Primary Measures under this scheme

Boiler ( If Broken down) 

Under floor Insulation 

External Wall Insulation ( Part funded around 30%)

Cavity Wall Insulation

The above measures if installed (Excluding External Wall Insulation) on their own, are usually Free if there are 4+ Bedrooms.  Fewer bedrooms may require a contribution

The funding is higher and more likely to be free if we install a Secondary Measure, which is where we first install one of the above measures


Loft Insulation

If you qualify for a grant, this does not mean it will be Free.  A free survey will establish if it is free and you are under no obligation to proceed once complete

To check if you qualify for the new scheme please click the link below to Conwy Councils statement of Intent which shows who qualifies - Please complete this application and email it to info@iesukltd.org, or complete the contact us form below

The Application is below, this will take you to a new page so make a note of the email address to send it to : info@iesukltd.org


Or Please complete the form below

We are expecting to recieve high volumes of enquiries, if your completing the Conwy council form we can process your application much quicker than if you complete the form below.  

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